Cold Outside (Heat It Up)


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From the 33KIDS x EhYo mixtape that will be release Fall 2013


(Jakub Evolved)
They told me to hit'em with a flow like snow in the winter
My soul is my own, none resemble it, I never sold it
It's worth more than all the worlds gold
You can work all your life, you're dreams get blown away like erb smoke
It hurts dont it? Its like the worlds getting colder
You need to set your own precedents like Marilyn Monroe would
Kus when its cold out, theres no doubt what Ima do
Bring her back to the crib and cut it up, like a coupon
Too strong when I hit it, you lukewarm, so chill out
If you're hot headed my crew will come and cool you off
Like a baptism, thats a blessing for your headpiece
like a toque when a blizzard hits in below twenty
You dudes are softer than a labia
My team got that golden means like Pythagoras
An avalanche when I bust, the kid is cooler than an igloo
You better bundle up before we influenza ya

KIDS with the vision, heat it up in the winter
KIDS in the kitchen, heat it up in the winter
KIDS spittin lyrics, heat it up in the winter
When you hear them KIDS, you eat it up in the winter

This world's frigid, so cold you could go blue in it
But I wear my character like a snow suit
Protective ignorance gleams like a population thinkin
Like their Charlie Sheen winning, seems fitting
These metaphyisico-theologico-cosmocologists
Opinion nation yes, minds become this sort of prison cell boutique
Where you can colour your world with anything that you seek
So love me, hate me self-centric fallout
Self -exiled but I ain't deep, ya'll shallow
Now I'm ass out chasing black clouds
And I take what I can get because these people so fragile
Tell me what the fuck is going on?
Big brother making you a worrier?
Weary in a hurry huh?
I bring the fury in a wordy flurry
Icy flow chillin' to your bones like I'm a walkin' hypothermia

(Jay Mizz)
I've traveled Highway 1 in the Canadian spring
Black ice on the land, painted white with the wind
Den-Marked by a scandalous dance that'll sting
any strings on your heart, that racing gave me a grin
She just came right in, no chance to cover up the skin
S-we'd toss in the frostbitten shock that she'd spin
the way I'm caught in a binge, got me lost in what she brings
Nor-she'd even let me Finnish, thought that maybe we could swing
A Scandinavian fling, over seas the state I'm in
Never pleased with where she's been, likes to leave when it begins
and this teasing's the reason she even gets a grin
see me breathing deep, next evening, feels my patience wearing thin.
that's the appeal of our love, let her guide me through the storm
might need to wear gloves but on the inside she's warm
you can't let that outside fool ya, school or out dual ya
might cool ya off a bit but wants to spark your adrenal medulla


released September 29, 2013
Produced & Mixed by Kelvin
Recorded @ 4amstyles studio



all rights reserved


KIDS Vancouver, British Columbia


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