Code Grey (Riots)


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A track from the 33KIDS x EhYo Mixtape released in fall 2013



I rise in weary mornings, that follow sleepless nights.
Uncanny sense of mourning performed by the reaper's might.
And if I reach, i might slay the ego
That dreams in colour but only allows me to live in black and white.
Grey matter lost in space like a NASA flight.
Didn't want the darkness to subdue, so I cast a light.
Picked up from a standstill, with an attempt to galvanize.
So when it didn't fly, I had no alibi.
It was back to the drawing board, like a retake handled by a sophomore.
Part of me wanted to hide and lock the doors, but the other side grabbed the key and popped the locks.
Shake the mother fuckin neck, it's time to knock it off. Make the rules on your own, but couldn't follow the law.
Self doubt got a hold of the kid, and wont budge. Masterful with the abstract allegory.
Gotta find the lesson... Cause the mind got a facet of life that I'd like to practise.
The time is the essence... But society don't want that; they want madness.
Well i dont wanna kiss no ass for these ratchets. Moonwalking like I'm only moving backwards.
Onus is on me to prove these bastards that I can overcome this realm of disaster.

Choose your sides and run for your life
Tonight the riots begin

(Jay Mizz)
Since I know what I stand for, shown till last more than folks on the other side I the tracks, a disaster
The main factor, they're after a fast track course but the last tour that we endured was a war of attrition
competition envisioned they were winning but they didn't end up getting everything that they were wishin
Conscription is different, that's half their enlistings, Other half financial bids for positions
Rather than a pack of passionate misfits that wish to impact the standard of living
And pass on through crafts and gifts they were given they chose to detractors and bask in conviction
That their actions and decisions aren't trashin our decisions while we unmask what's hidden what they lack and what is missing
In a mission to be filling their soil with more enrichment
Always itching to be spoiled and resist of the bitching
I encourage you to try and go through all the things~ that another person says they won't do
Still remain true, please stay off cruise staying silent in autopilot isn't paying your dues
Playing it cool, while staying in the news over violence, consignin lack of knowledge and the proof
Of changing the view, I'm praying theyd use grey matter make chapters stead of fade into
Obscurity, this worries me when the focus is currency and I chose my side before I found my maturity
So bury me in earnest please, I purposely pursued this portion Of the news that's not worth learning see
They turn on me with urgency to murder these beliefs Since we standing on oppisite sides of eternity,
Fuck the current trends I want longevity finally see that's the world that will work for me

[Hook] x 2

(Jakub Evolved)
Hope your house is strong when the mountains fall,
those ontop informed when it'll drop like stocks in bonds keep plotting on
Politicians and scholars get locked in the pockets of corporate sponsors that'll mop the floor with us
Take us out of our misery like Doc Kevorkian. Bombs get dropped I keep my Ipod on, self destruct like the thoughts in the songs
The Middle East needs a Mahatma Ghandi. We need to meet the masters of Madame Blavatsky
Too many grey in the system haunt your conscience, its poppin' off, mobsters, martians
Religions cant help you, not an institution, the community can, have you been introduced to your neighbors yet?
You ever think that one day building relationships could save your skin.
Kus the academia failed us and the governments all lied
The heavens didnt like it and reigned fire from the skies
elitists tried to escape it taking space shuttles for rides
leaving the masses behind in panic running for they're lives
Frantic, watching civilization die like Atlantis
A cold winter, when the world was turned upside down and the poles shifted
They say there's no escaping it, it was written in an old scripture called Revelations
But what if our affirmations are what bring into manifestation.... im just sayin

[Hook] x2


I'm losing faith.. The good in Man was proved a lie
Out there is suicide, everyday is do or die
The moves I make just to reach my food supply
To keep your life - you must lose your mind
Family gone, I got'em buried in the yard
Next to democracy, governments and martial law
Infrastructure gone we all devolved now it's dog eat dog
Neanderthals formed angry mobs - I watched the world fall
Now Death is close to me, live life more consciously
When I go to war, he'll be that soldier to my left
A lowly friend who when I thought my time approached, he looked over, said:
Live with full intent, I haven't tapped your shoulder yet
The lesson here, isn't that the end is near
These well-fed persona's are nothing but a thin veneer
This lifestyle's a love affair, pray it stay that way
The lies of our lives....Humanities Fifty Shades of Grey....

[Hook] x 2


released October 23, 2013
Produced & Mixed by Kelvin
Recorded at 4amstyles studio



all rights reserved


KIDS Vancouver, British Columbia


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