Blood Remix


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Off of the upcoming 33KIDS x EhYo Mixtape


(Jay Mizz)
thirty five stitches, two more inches to the right
and Id be seeing bright lights and call an end to my night
sent a message bout my life but then again its alright
because Ive never felt like Ive ever been the quitting type
every time I need inspiration, look at the scar
theres no time to be wastin, no patience in that regard
so I guess its safe to say, you're gonna see me hustle hard
because Ive never been faced with a situation that large
Puts it all in perspective, you could call it a wake up
so you could be expecting me to raise the stakes up
forget stakes all in, everything I own tossed in
to close, they could be digging a hole for my coffin
call it good luck, or call it a blessing
theres no way I could bust what I'm addressing
Its funny buddy, how subtly it gets bloody
brush my arm with broken glass, holy shit it got ugly

(ugh) That's when it gets ugly
(ugh) No wonder why they mean mug me
(ugh) There's no way you can touch me, never mind ever being placed above me
(ugh) I don't care what you want
(ugh) outline my verses verbally with chalk
(ugh) I grind from the bottom to the top, fall back like autumn, watch the leaves drop

Jesus Christ look what god has made
A modern slave if all I gave was a war in vain
Death before me is a ball n chain or a hollow grave
But I said fuck it all so I'm off like a holiday
Look at how he spit it wicked shit it's Occam's razor
Here to snatch the game out the basement like JonBenet
The harbinger of opulence my tongue was made
To serenade a she n watch'em legs spread like marmalade
Talis-Man who wields talents of divine ledger
G-R-A-V-I-T-Y I define center
Eagle eye, seek a weak disguise and I test it
Expand perception like added dimensions
This a set intention described as a morbid thought
When you come across a crew with more depth than god
Dualities a wide range let's explore the crop
Embrace the horror like I'm eating out Pandora's box


...We all 100% savage
Have a bad dream and end up scrappin in Pan's Labyrinth
...The camp's after ya like Man Track
I advise you to quit your practice like Jean Baptiste
Denys. Rhymes a plenty like the blood you let free
Similar to women shedding their placentas. it gets messy
Forced entry; no consent..that's not rape culture
That's the police having a bad day at Tim's
So tell me whats the difference, between a jail sentence
and not having access granted to the entrance you stepped in
We left in..the darkness...with tears, sweat and hardships.
...Deep in concentration like prisioners in Auschwitz
No question. KIDS with lab coats are in closed session
So before you tell me rap's your profession,
know you're just a contestant in this lonely mess
so keep up and inject the epinephrine up in your system

(Jakub Evolved)
Lyrics in my repertoire invoke spirits from the temples, mosques and churches, merging both realms like rituals on a checkered floor.
I work with flows so virtuoso. Convert the locals so they serve the ghost that wrote the sermons that I spoke.
Merlin on opium, virgins deep throating him while the roaches crawl. If you see 5-0 coming, Fee-Fi-Fo-Fummin then motor on, that's protocol.
While the Pope plays Pokemon, coke from Bogota was sold in the Oval Office and aliens probed Pocahontas.
I pour it on like molten lava. Provoke a scholar with his own mandala. Throw ya dollar in, if you don't win then you can throw your bottle.
That skunk Kung-Fu monk, with one ton shoes. You wanna romp chump? Your noodles soft like wanton soup.
We Trump even Donald, you better Duck my Goose. What I Chuck like Liddell, bang like Truck on Moose.
Give a Fuck I do.... Not. I just talk shit and hawk my loogie.



released September 27, 2013
(J. Mejia, R. Munro, K. Smoler, J. Strouhal)
Recorded at 4amstyles Studio
Mixed by Kelvin Smoler
Produced by Domingo



all rights reserved


KIDS Vancouver, British Columbia


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